Massage is great for relaxing, improving your circulation and a feeling of well being after a stressful day. I’ve been trained in Swedish massage which uses a style of long, flowing strokes. The pressure of the strokes and the massage can be changed to suit your personal taste, you can also choose to focus on the areas you like. I use a massage table with a breathing hole, so even face down you’re completely comfortable. Many of my clients like to create a nice calm environment with music and candles for the best effect.

Full Body Swedish Mobile Massage

The complete massage includes your back, arms, legs and feet with special attention on the back of the neck, the décolleté, and then finishing with the scalp.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Shoulder Massag

Lying on your front, I pay particular attention to easing tension and knots in your mid, upper and lower back regions.

Scalp Massage

Lie back and drift away. Enjoy a gentle massage,
relieving any tension trapped in your scalp.

Foot Massage

Your feet spend all day carrying you round, take the weight off and enjoy gentle kneading on pressure points to revitalise them.

Hand Massage

Holding a large concentration of nerve endings, you’ll be surprised how much your hands will love this treat.

Face & Décolleté

Using Swedish massage strokes and pressure points, this will help to keep the muscles in your face firm and toned.